Update #16 – New map, friendly AI off, optimization & more!

After our previous update, we were going to release a hotfix to fix a few fixes we fixed earlier.
Then we went full XREAL Games and added a bunch of stuff up until the point we couldn’t call it a ‘hotfix’ anymore – so it became a content update instead.

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Besides the new map, we added the option to turn friendly AI off – this has probably been the most requested feature by the community.

Set the difficulty to hard, and friendly AI off – challenge guaranteed on all maps!

We fixed the sound output- and item unlock issues, and overhauled the game’s haptic feedback system. Controllers go brrrr!
We also improved the so-called ‘weapon smoothing’ to add a bit more weight to the weapons. They behave more realistically this way, and the smoothing helps with aiming as well.

Another important improvement is the new batch of graphics optimizations, which will maybe hopefully finally stabilize the game’s performance for everyone.
If you are still experiencing abysmally low fps after the update, please reach out to us at support@xrealgames.com.

We could go on and on about all the little fixes and tweaks forever, but ain’t nobody got time for that.
Full patch notes:




  • A brand new mission: ‘Night Shift’ Part 1 – Prepare for a rocky ride, and remember: red things go BOOM! Night Shift is located at the top left of the world map.
    Also, there might be a new weapon skin hidden somewhere.

  • Minor gameplay fixes across all maps
  • Improved attachment removal to prevent accidentally ripping off attachments in the heat of the battle
  • Almost all weapons got downscaled to better match their real life size.



  • Option to disable friendly AI on all maps – This makes the game way more spicier!
  • Destroyable covers – they’re debuting on the new map. Let us know if you’d like to see them used more!

  • Better weapon smoothing – weapon handling is a bit more realistic now with better weight simulation. It makes aiming easier.
  • New enemy type: Auto-turret, also debuting on the new map.
  • Bought weapons and attachments will no longer disappear. You might have more bought weapons than before as a side effect.
  • Rewards for reaching Rank 100 will now properly unlock.
  • Fixed XP calculations – harder difficulties yield more XP again.



  • Improved and more sophisticated haptic feedback with different rumbling patterns for different actions.
  • There is now an option to turn haptic feedback (vibration) off completely.
  • Fixed controller mappings in the tutorial – there is no outdated information displayed anymore.



  • Reworked shadows
  • Tons of graphical optimizations. Please let us know if you notice any positive or negative change in performance!



  • New in-game option to select your preferred audio output device. The game sounds are no longer forced to the headset for Oculus users. Look for it in the audio settings!
  • New pistol sounds and reworked silencer sounds, especially for the weapons with built-in silencers.
  • Louder sounds for almost every player interaction for a more immersive experience.

Update #15 – Player customization, massive graphics overhaul & more!

It’s been a couple of months since our last update.
During these months 2020 went bonkers, which understandably affected our development speed as well.
Despite all the circumstances though, we have been extremely busy behind the scenes!

Where to begin…

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Let’s begin with a disclaimer: the update is delayed in the Oculus store, because after updating the game’s engine to the latest version, we encountered an issue that would prevent players from creating Co-op lobbies. We are really sorry for the inconvenience! We are working hard to solve the issue as soon as possible.

The two major changes happened under the hood: game engine update to a newer version, and ditching deferred rendering in favor of forward rendering.
Both of these changes were necessary to make the game more stable, more optimized. The first thing you will notice is the much sharper imagery (perks of forward rendering).

We had to convert all the environments and light settings to fit in the forward rendering pipeline – and while we were at it, we spiced up the atmosphere across all maps.
The results are… stunning! Better frames, better, sharper visuals, smoother gameplay. What’s not to like? 🙂

These changes took a lot of time to make and test (especially in a remote working environment) and didn’t leave room for new content. Except for… the promised player customization!
You can now customize your character with a wide selection of armors, helmets and other accessories – look for the dressing room in the lobby!

We could go on and on rambling about the overhauled ‘Timber pt.1’ mission, the Index Controller finger tracking support, the UI improvements or the gazillion of new graphics settings but… let’s just see the detailed patch notes!




  • Player Customization – Find your style by customizing your character’s outfit in the new dressing room!
    It works just like the weapon skin system: you can unlock new items by progressing through the ranks. Look for special helmets hidden on several maps!

  • Implemented several UI improvements
  • Forced full screen – The game now starts (and remains) in full screen mode instead of windowed mode.
  • Optimized game performance – We changed and improved a looot of under the hood components and optimized almost every part of the game to achieve better frames all-around.
  • Huge AI- and AI weapon optimization
  • Charging enemies no longer run into the player
  • AI and their weapons no longer collide with the player’s weapon



  • Overhauled ‘Timber pt. 1’: new objectives, new enemies, new covers, better overall combat feeling. Replaying it is recommended even for seasoned Zero Caliber veterans!
  • Fixed bullet count for the USP extended mag
  • Fixed L85 ironsight flip
  • Fixed weapon rails
  • Kriss Vector detach fix
  • Balance changes for M4A1, AK47, P90, Colt 1911, Colt Python, AWP and Remington 870
  • Fixed an issue with grenade pins
  • Fixed overpowered enemies on ‘Lockup’
  • Fixed a pickup POI on ‘Canyon’
  • Explosive tank collision fixed
  • Several playzone fixes
  • Fixed rare issues of AI spawning in unreachable locations



  • Implemented finger tracking for Valve Index controllers. Need we say more?
    Pre-defined hand gestures still work.

  • Improved default Index controller bindings – ejecting mags is now the ‘A’ button
  • Reduced player speed for gameplay balance- and motion sickness reasons
  • Player height is now adjustable between 150-210 cm



  • Improved sync between the host and clients to reduce lag, thus resulting in a smoother and more stable Co-op gameplay
  • Fixed the sync of crouching and prone stances
  • Fixed an issue that caused extended magazines to be replaced with default magazines in Co-op sessions
  • Being able to pull off other players’ attachments is disabled (except for magazines)
  • Fixed various issues preventing the player from using force pull or grabbing weapons
  • Fixed multiple issues caused by respawning and reviving other players
  • Various fixes for client side issues and performance
  • Fixed intro subtitles being displayed multiple times in Co-op
  • Fixed scaling enemy numbers for different player counts
  • After a mission’s end screen, the game doesn’t throw players to another map automatically after 5 minutes
  • The server list and the number of players on the multiplayer screen now refreshes every time upon joining, not only after checkpoints as before



  • Sound is now forced on Oculus headsets
  • More immersive bullet impact sounds
  • Altered soundscape when low on HP



  • Customizable quality settings for better scalability – We reworked the graphics settings menu. There are now a ton of options to fine tune graphics settings. Choose the combination best suited for your system’s capabilities!
    The game still performs a benchmark test upon launching for the first time after the update, and sets the graphics accordingly. This is on point most of the time.

  • Switched to forward rendering from the previously used deferred rendering. This results in a sharper imagery and better performance all-around
  • Improved lighting and reworked atmosphere on all maps
  • Improved GPU performance thanks to forward rendering
  • Tweaked temporal anti-aliasing for sharper rendering
  • Introduced five new graphic quality presets to easily set up the game’s performance
  • New highlight system for interactable items/objects

  • Materials and lights are converted to forward rendering on all maps
  • More accurate light maps
  • Optimized textures
  • Several minor asset fixes


…and hundreds of other minor fixes.

Update #14 – Performance optimization and a lot of improvements!

This update is the continuation of the code optimization we’ve started in the previous content update.

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This time we’ve been focusing on the performance in Co-op as well as in single player – hopefully it is now significantly better across all game modes.
If you notice any fps drops, please let us know in the Bugreports section on Steam!

An important thing to note: we had to temporarily disable the game’s voice chat feature. We’re going to enable it after we overhaul it both functionality- and performance wise.

Besides optimization, we’ve also improved the Index controls: the ingame player hand is now correctly aligned to match the controllers’ actual position and orientation – plus we’ve fine-tuned the grip’s sensitivity based on community feedback.

You can read the full patch notes below:



  • Index controller aligned to match real life hand position (send us feedback!)
  • Improved controls, especially with the Index controller – better grip and ungrip sensitivity


  • Optimized AI animations for better performance
  • Enemy spawn fixes to reduce fps stuttering
  • Various small friendly AI spawn fixes


  • Improved pump action reload for shotguns
  • Fixed misaligned USP grip
  • Added missing skins for the Kriss Vector light stocks
  • AK-47 sound fixed
  • Several unlock icons fixed
  • Removed the wobbly foregrip from the Uzi
  • Fixed a client side shotgun clip bug (previously it could move randomly around the player’s hand)


  • Removed the ‘Tutorial’ map as a ‘Quick co-op match’ option
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the button inside the helicopter at the end of ‘Lockup’ before the narration could result in the player’s death
  • Fixed various minor multiplayer map selection issues


  • Fixed a rare issue where death sound could be heard constantly on the whole map
  • Fixed a client side sound glitch – sometimes enemy gun sound got stuck in a loop

Update #13 – New map, new weapons, optimization & much much more!

This update is huge. HUGE. Probably the biggest one in the game’s history.

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We’ve overhauled the ‘Tutorial’ for new players (replaying it is recommended even for seasoned Zero Caliber veterans), we’ve added the first part of the next story chapter, ‘Canyon’ and three new weapons (MK18, FN SCAR, USP). Shotguns recieved proper reload mechanics and we’ve introduced a new, experimental reload for pistols. As a result, dual wielding them became one of the most badass things in the game! Oh, and we’ve also added distance-dependent weapon damage. And virtual gunstock. And a new ragdoll system for the AI. And we’ve increased the amount of XP earned per mission.
Missing Touch controller bindings got fixed and we’ve revisited the Index controller handling – hopefully it feels much better now!

BUT… an even bigger part of this update can be found under the hood – performance optimization!
Our programmers have been knee-deep in the game’s core code to optimize it almost from scratch. We’re hoping that this will improve the performance across all kinds of configurations.

We’ve been testing the game until the last second, but since the code optimization is massive, it’s almost guaranteed that players will run into small issues here and there.

ATTENTION: unfortunately one of the negative results of the code optimization is the loss of player equipment and saved loadouts. The progress and unlocked items however should stay the same!

And now.. here’s the full list of changes, additions and improvements:


  • Tutorial rework: we’ve overhauled the whole tutorial both visually and functionally in order to explain the game better for inexperienced players. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you can launch it from the world map.
  • New story mission: Canyon. It is the first part of the new campaign destination. Can be played after ‘Hail’.


  • MK18 with 9 different skins
  • FN SCAR with 6 different skins
  • USP pistol with 9 different skins
  • New attachments: MK18 suppressors, 2 angled grips, holo sight. New content is marked in the armory.
  • Damage falloff: the amount of damage done by a weapon is now distance-dependent.
  • Pump-action for all shotguns. SPAS has the option for semi-auto firemode.
  • Unique shotgun spread for all shotguns
  • Shotguns now take shells one-by-one from clips. If your shotgun is only missing one shell, the other 4 shells will stay in the clip and the clip doesn’t disappear.
  • Reworked weapon physics – more realistic behavior when weapon is not held in hands
  • All holo sights have new, adjustable brightness/color options
  • Underbarrel grip removal now works the same way it does with other attachments IF autogrip is OFF: hover over the grip, press trigger and pull it away. If autogrip is ON, functionality remains the same – when your hand grips onto the weapon automatically, press trigger and pull away to remove the grip


  • Virtual gunstock option added (look for it in the settings!): ‘ON’ mode is for all weapons, ‘REALISTIC’ mode applies only to weapons which already have a stock as part of the weapon body (e.g. AWP, AKM, AK47) or weapons which have a stock equipped and opened out (e.g G36C+stock attached)
  • Experimental, but badass dual pistol reload: when both mags are ejected (by pressing the mag release button), lower your hand to your ammo pouch, then press the slider back button. BAMM. – This new feature might work inconsistently in Co-op for now.
  • Improved recoil for every weapon and attachment
  • Increased XP for levels – less grinding
  • Weapon colliders and physics materials are improved to give a smoother gameplay experience when weapons interact with the environment
  • New ragdoll system: caliber- and shooting distance-dependent AI death reactions
  • AI soldiers are now able to walk through dead AI bodies


  • Optimized network code for smoother Co-op gameplay. It’s still not perfect, but we’re getting there!
  • Map selector at the end of each map – players are now able to continue the game without quitting to the lobby by voting on the next mission.


  • Haptic feedback (rumbling) added when gripping weapons and grabbing mags from the belt
  • Oculus Quest support FIXED with improved Touch controls
  • Fixed an Oculus Rift S bug where players couldn’t do anything at first start
  • Improved Index Controller controls: grabbing functionality with the controller has been revisited and improved. You will have to squeeze a little more to grab something (no more sucking up items when you just wanted to rest your fingers), removed the tiny delay when releasing items (smoother grenade throws).
  • Default Grip Option is set to Hold-To-Grab for Touch and Index Controllers, Toggle-Grip for Vive Wands by default. Can be changed in the settings.
  • Updated object handling for Touch controllers: mags, grenades and attachments can only be grabbed and picked up with the trigger, while the grip button is for grabbing weapons and bigger, non-weapon related objects.
  • Controller dead zone default value increased from 0.05 to 0.11 to avoid phantom movement


  • Optimization and more optimization


  • Super immersive environmental sounds
  • Redesigned indoor sounds
  • Updated weapon sounds


  • Fixed an issue where after grabbing an attachment from one hand to another, knock-off functionality would be lost
  • Fixed an issue where after dropping an attachment and quickly grabbing it would make attaching it to the weapon impossible
  • Fixed bouncing weapons – weapons now have more realistic physics
  • Menu pointer fixed when holding weapons with both hands
  • Vive: can’t take weapons out of other players holsters anymore
  • VIVE and Index Controller: fixed an issue where quickly dropping and grabbing a weapon by its slider caused the weapon to drop to the ground
  • Sock 1718c left-hand grab position fixed
  • Fixed an issue where weapons sometimes disappeared after respawning or the player spawned with other players’ equipment
  • Fixed an issue where the green outline stayed on objects
  • And endless more small bugfixes…

Update #12 – It’s Halloween! Pumpkin party on ‘Retaliation’, new SCAR variant and spooky weapon skins!

It’s that time of the year!

To bring a little spookiness to Zero Caliber, we’ve carved a huge amount of pumpkins and placed them all over the night mission ‘Retaliation’ (you can find a few of them in the Lobby as well).
These Halloween pumpkins come with a little surprise: they blow up when shot (with a surprise sound effect). Use them to fight off the evil Tlalokiis!


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If you just want to throw around pumpkins for the fun of it, look for them at the basketball court in ‘Lockup’ or at the beginning of ‘Retaliation’.


new SCAR variant can be found in the ‘Armory’ with a fancy Halloween themed skin!

Besides the new SCAR (which will be unlockable in the next update), we’ve made a spooky skin for a community favourite weapon: the M4!

We hope you’ll enjoy this little Halloween event we’ve made!
Have a spooky Halloween!
XREAL Games Team

Update #11 – VIVE Cosmos support, weapon recoils, faster progression, new rank icons & tons of bug fixes!

Since the last update, we’ve mostly been busy with fixing bugs and improving game mechanics.
The most noticeable addition is the new, overhauled recoil system, which will make aiming just a tiny bit more difficult…
We’ve also overhauled the rank icons, they’ll now visually represent the hard work that goes into getting them. 🙂
Concerning the progression speed – we’ve heard your feedback about the grind, so we’ve chopped it in half: you’ll get double the amount of XP and money per mission (compared to the amount of XP and money pre-update). We’ve also added VIVE Cosmos support!
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Old recoil on the left-, new recoil on the right side:

You can check the full list below:



  • New recoils – We’ve reworked how the weapons behave, it’s much more realistic now (subject to change based on feedback)
  • New double magazines for the Uzi, P90 and the M1918 BAR
  • New weapon skins for P90, M4A1, Python
  • Shotgun clips are saved in the belt when moving between missions
  • Sliders and stocks are released by the hand if you move the controller too far away
  • Weapons spawned in the player’s belt have ammo chambered (they were spawned empty beforehand)
  • Fixed a rare issue where knocking off scope attachments could cause iron sights to be incorrectly visible
  • Fixed muzzle flash location when applying suppressors
  • Fixed muzzle flash appearance when applying suppressors
  • Improved Python handling and fixed barrel opening
  • Fixed Ka5C slider – plate is now moving when shooting
  • Improved Steyr Aug and KRISS Vector handling
  • Steyr Aug rail fixed when applying attachments
  • Improved turret handling


  • Renamed ranks with new, visually pleasing icons

  • XP is now capped at lvl100 – won’t be accumulated after reaching the maximum amount
  • Microphone ‘always on’ option – when enabled in the settings, the mic will always be activated, no need to manually turn the voice chat on
  • Added a confirmation window on death screen before returning to lobby – no more accindentally leaving a Co-op session
  • Fixed a rare issue where the host’s hand could get stuck in the air when secondary grabbing a weapon
  • Improved player hand sync between host and client
  • Iron sights in Co-op fixed


  • Smart attachment Interaction
    Clicking the trigger button on the secondary hand attached to weapon activates the side attachment (flashlight, laser)

  • Pressing the slider release button on the controller releases the slider if possible – interacts with scope attachments otherwise
  • Improved reloading mechanics
  • Visible hints added for each weapon when there is no bullet chambered (can be turned on/off in the settings)

  • When using autogrip: in order to be able to use autogrip, the weapon HAS TO BE reloaded (on certain weapons only)
  • Added the ability to sprint with sniper rifles and the BAR
  • Toggle-grip is default now on HTC Vive while hold-to-grip on Oculus (can be changed in the settings)
  • Fixed a rare issue when modifying settings respawned the player
  • Hand pointer after grenade explosion fixed
  • Player pointer fixes (in the armory, world map and at death screen)


  • 3D model- and environment optimizations for better performance
  • Fixed decals on several dynamic objects
  • Several texture fixes


  • New reverb system
  • Improved soundscapes
  • Dynamic movement sounds
  • Updated Audio Engine
  • New footstep sounds
  • Combat chatter added

Update #10 – Index Controller and WMR joystick support, Touch toggle-grip, massive performance boost

We’ve been quite busy after July’s content update. It unfortunately introduced a few bugs that needed to be fixed as soon as possible.
The first hotfix went live two weeks ago, and now with this hotfix we’re hoping that we managed to fix all the major bugs of the update.
But, you know us.. it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t cram even more stuff into one update. 🙂

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As a result, Zero Caliber now has full Index Controller support (except for finger tracking) and native WMR joystick support. Oculus Touch controllers got the awaited toggle-grip option and as a bonus, performance got increased by at least 20%*!
*mostly noticeable in combat situations



  • Valve Index Controller support. Attention! The ‘bolt catch’ and ‘magazine release’ buttons are hand-dependant. Right controller buttons work on weapons held in the right hand, left controller buttons work on weapons held in the left hand.

  • Native WMR joystick support

  • Oculus Touch toggle-grip option – no need to hold the grip continuously; can be changed in the control settings
  • Fixed crashes caused by recent changes
  • Massive performance optimization, especially in combat situations – temporarily disabled projectile particle effects in order to better optimize it
  • Magazines don’t fall through the floor after dropping a weapon
  • ‘Second Wind’ invulnerability when low on health is back
  • Fixed an issue in Co-op where the client player couldn’t move after teleporting back from out of the combat area
  • Ally NPC name tags and icons now follow them correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the players could grab on invisible attachments. This caused the players’ arms to stretch far away
  • Items cannot disappear anymore while being force-pulled
  • Client players in Co-op now respawn on checkpoints with the equipment used right before dying

Update #9 – New map, new weapon, weapon skins, loadout storing system, sharper graphics & countless more goodies!

We have two, very very busy months behind us. As a result, we can proudly present Zero Caliber’s biggest, most packed content update since its EA release last year!
We’ve brought you a new map – Lockup, a new weapon – Glock 18, the much-awaited loadout storing system, unlockable weapon skins, sharper graphics and a lot, lot more!
Really, when i say a lot more, i mean A LOT more.
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This update is a HUGE one, please read through all the patchnotes below to see the full picture.
It’s impossible to summarize all the new content and improvements in a few words.



  • New mission: Lockup. The Tlalokii have overtaken a maximum security prison. You’re tasked with the covert mission of recovering sensitive prisoner lists. NOTE: You can find a basketball court mid-mission with functioning basketballs. Because even soldiers have to relax mid-combat.


  • Extended Armory: with the amount of weapons and skins we have, it was time to extend our armory with new weapon racks, and a shooting range (which is still WiP)
  • The new weapon racks contain all the available weapons, their skins, all the attachments and their skins and all types of magazines. And their skins. Yes. All of them. NOTE: You can choose which weapon skin you prefer and all the corresponding items will use that skin.
  • Unlocking weapon skins: each skin has a rank requirement you have to reach. There are also hidden mystery skins throughout all maps (if treasure hunting is your thing – yarr!); they can only be unlocked by finding them.


  • Store your favourite loadouts! You now have access to 3 life-size mannequins to store your favourite loadouts on. You can manually suit up your doppelgängers with your favourite setups, OR you can just press the appropriate buttons (either to store or to equip) to make the process faster. Store your gear, and they’ll be waiting for you next time you launch the game.


  • New weapon: the Glock 18, a legendary fully-automatic pistol. Did i mention it also has a drum mag? Brrrrt.
  • Tactical shield level-up: when using a pistol and shield combo, you can reload one-handed for that extra badass feeling!
  • Burst fire mode added for the following weapons: G36 (double shot), Glock 18 (triple shot) and the KRISS Vector (double shot)
  • Most weapons have multiple new types of magazines: extended, double, drum, etc.
  • All magazines have skinned versions and you can combine them with different weapon skins
  • Grenades now have indicator trails when thrown, with lights and sound effect
  • Shotgun clips can be used for easier reload: load 5 shells in at a time, then keep taking clips out of your ammo pouch instead of individual shells. NOTE: Why have shotguns without proper reload mechanics? Good question! Pumpable shotguns are finally coming in the next update!
  • The last 15 weapons you’ve grabbed won’t disappear within a ~32m radius
  • Revolver ejects bullets/casings correctly
  • Turret release by distance fixed
  • Stocks dynamically open or close depending on which state is closer (instead of always opening unless completely closed)
  • G36 stock now works as intended


  • Attention! The way of removing attachments has changed! Press and hold the trigger, then pull the attachment away (no need to use button combinations anymore).
    A short trigger press (no holding!) without pulling your hand away will change the modes on the attachment if applicable. WITH UNDER BARREL GRIPS: Little bit different, you have to secondary grab the weapon (grip) – then press the trigger and pull the attachment away to remove it. NOTE: Knocking off an attachment with another one still works!
  • Smart attachment interaction when pressing the corresponding button – action performed in this order: 1. Release slider IF backed 2. Activate side attachment IF there is one on the weapon AND the slider isn’t backed 3. Activate scope IF the slider isn’t backed AND there is no side attachment
  • Attachment optimization resulting in much better performance
  • Silencers can be removed from pistols
  • Flash suppressor now works as intended


  • Smarter AI behavior: the enemy will change states, run in and out of cover, run away or charge you depending on the situation around them NOTE: Friendly AI will get a rework soon!
  • AI spawn optimization resulting in better performance
  • Loading screen added


  • Holster improvement: can’t remove other players’ holstered weapons. No more stealing. :’(
  • Reviving other players isn’t instant anymore, it has a small (1 sec) cooldown.
  • Force pull sync improved
  • Improved weapon spawning to hand


  • Trigger/grip interaction: we’ve separated what the trigger and grip buttons can do: Trigger: ammo and attachment interaction Grip: weapon grabbing
  • Reloading while crouching: it is now easier to take out ammo from the belt while crouching (ammo pouch collider is around the player’s knees when crouching)
  • Wrist and lower arm positioning and rotations are reworked NOTE: It is much better than before, but still WiP.
  • UI laser beam improved: it is now independent from weapon length
  • Completely reworked Comfort Mode setting for players prone to motion sickness – it is much more pleasant now. Also we now have three intensity settings under Settings>Game
  • Comfort mode setup added to Lobby
  • Player doesn’t glitch anymore when pressing full locomotion immediately after spawning
  • Various force pull bug fixes
  • Menu and pointer now supports main hand setting for left handed players NOTE: Index controllers are not supported officially. It’s coming in the next update!
  • Sharpened image to reduce overall blurriness – MUCH more sharp graphics
  • No more head- and armless body after player death
  • POIs are now fading when the player looks towards them – less obstructing
  • Menu UI scaled down
  • Impact decals are now attached to dynamic objects
  • In the menu, after pressing Exit to Desktop, Cancel button now works
  • New map has an experimental GFX feature (on VR platform): lens flares (bless Michael Bay!)
  • ‘Retaliation’ map got the ‘american-night’ filter: instead of pitch-black, it has a nice blue ambient atmosphere
  • Overall post processing FX improvements


  • Updated gun sounds
  • Burst weapon tail sound fixed, sound echoes after every burst even if the player doesn’t let go of the trigger

Update #8 – M9 Beretta, BAR, AI improvements, OST, fixes & more!

We’ve added 2 new weapons, the M9 Beretta for pistol fans, and the BAR for light machine gun enthusiasts. Both of them have unique, skinned variants laying around on several maps.
The AI (both enemy- and friendly) got a new cover system, they’re now using covers efficiently, plus they can be more aggressive in close encounters.
Be aware, this might increase the game’s difficulty, you now have to play more carefully!
We’ve added a soundtrack to the game, player animations got improved, your Co-op buddies will now look much better. We’ve also fixed quite a few bugs.
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You can check the detailed patchnotes below:


  • New weapons: M9 Beretta and M1918 BAR with unique skins
  • G36 slider fix: slider can now be grabbed from both sides with any hand
  • Attachment holo picture fix: previously holding any attachment in hand and releasing a magazine caused the holo picture to be replaced by the magazine picture



  • AI cover system overhaul: enemies now use covers more efficiently
  • AI behavior changed: in certain situations they move faster, and are more aggressive. Be careful in close encounters!


  • Player crouch and prone animations: player movement in Co-op now looks much better (still WiP)
  • Holstering long weapons fix: there is a delay on collision when taking weapons out of the holster. They won’t get stuck in the ground anymore!
  • Added a Controller Dead Zone option in Settings – Controls. This is useful when your character is drifting without pressing anything on the controller due to worn out controller components and/or unintentional interaction
  • Foot rotates onto surface its standing on


  • Seamless server travel – next mission button now works in Co-op as well. You can play through the Chicago story missions with your Co-op partners without hosting every story map individually.
  • Improved server creation interface
  • Improved weapon belt transformations on client side
  • Explosion forces sync correctly (grenades, barrels, airstrike)
  • Checkpoint fixes: newly joining players teleport to the correct checkpoint
  • Experience and money can only be gained after reaching the last checkpoint of a map


  • New original soundtrack (can be turned off in the settings)
  • Master and Music Volume settings
  • Slider sounds when cocking manually
  • New weapon sounds
  • New, realistic flyby and ricochet sounds
  • More balanced soundscape
  • Running sound effects


  • Removed invisible locomotion blocker on Timber 1


  • Night vision scope improvements
  • Overall performance gains throughout the game

Update #7 – New map, M2 Browning heavy machine gun, reworked player belt, overhauled AI animations, faster ranking & more!

The much awaited mid-April content update is live!
You can now experience what a stormy battlefield would feel like on our new map: No Man’s Land! Several .50 Cal heavy machine guns are waiting for you to use throughout all maps. We have reworked the player belt system based on your feedback, and the promised new AI animation and behaviour is also here.
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We’re very excited, can’t wait to see your feedback!
Check out the full patchnotes below:


  • New small mission: No Man’s Land. Fight the Tlalokii in the stormy Mongolia, near the Russian border.


  • Reworked player belt: holstered weapons are now in a fixed position (as opposed to the previous random positions); you can slot and unslot weapons from a larger distance and weapons lerp to slots – super sleek. 
  • Better Oculus Touch interaction: Pressing (and holding) trigger only grabs ammo, pressing (and holding) grip grabs the holstered weapon (Vive Controllers has already been working by this logic). Same for sliders (trigger) and secondary grab (grip) interaction. Oculus Touch ‘B’ button function: – can turn laser attachments on/off (if a laser is the only attachment on the weapon) – can change the zoom value for scopes or the colour of the crosshair (if it is the only attachment on the weapon) – bolt catch release on various weapons
  • When grabbing pistols, the secondary hand lerps to grabbing position.
  • Improved animation when grabbing bolts, sliders etc. with a cool lerping effect.
  • Fixed unintentional fire mode change when quickly removing attachments.
  • Improved hand positions for all magazines


  • Mounted .50 Cal heavy machine gun is now ready to use throughout most maps in fixed positions.
  • Safety fire mode removed from weapons: the safety mode could be confusing at times, so we’ve decided to remove this function from all weapons.
  • Fixed: pistol magazines can not be knocked out with other magazines anymore – can only be released with the release button.


  • You can now change attachments on your weapon by knocking them off with another attachment. How badass is that?
  • Similarly, you can now knock out mags with any other mag you find, doesn’t have to be the same type.
  • New AI animations: enemy- and teammate AI got better animations, their movement is much more smooth and fluid. Their behaviour is also improved.
  • Difficulty dependant AI accuracy: the AI is now more accurate in hard difficulty, less so in normal- and easy.
  • More challenging enemies on normal and hard difficulties.
  • Increased the amount of XP per level, so you can gain ranks faster.
  • Start Next Level button now resets the next mission and starts it from the beginning in single player mode.
  • Rain effect on the new map
  • Tons of graphical optimizations
  • Minor sfx update