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The much awaited mid-April content update is live!
You can now experience what a stormy battlefield would feel like on our new map: No Man’s Land! Several .50 Cal heavy machine guns are waiting for you to use throughout all maps. We have reworked the player belt system based on your feedback, and the promised new AI animation and behaviour is also here.
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We’re very excited, can’t wait to see your feedback!
Check out the full patchnotes below:


  • New small mission: No Man’s Land. Fight the Tlalokii in the stormy Mongolia, near the Russian border.


  • Reworked player belt: holstered weapons are now in a fixed position (as opposed to the previous random positions); you can slot and unslot weapons from a larger distance and weapons lerp to slots – super sleek. 
  • Better Oculus Touch interaction: Pressing (and holding) trigger only grabs ammo, pressing (and holding) grip grabs the holstered weapon (Vive Controllers has already been working by this logic). Same for sliders (trigger) and secondary grab (grip) interaction. Oculus Touch ‘B’ button function: – can turn laser attachments on/off (if a laser is the only attachment on the weapon) – can change the zoom value for scopes or the colour of the crosshair (if it is the only attachment on the weapon) – bolt catch release on various weapons
  • When grabbing pistols, the secondary hand lerps to grabbing position.
  • Improved animation when grabbing bolts, sliders etc. with a cool lerping effect.
  • Fixed unintentional fire mode change when quickly removing attachments.
  • Improved hand positions for all magazines


  • Mounted .50 Cal heavy machine gun is now ready to use throughout most maps in fixed positions.
  • Safety fire mode removed from weapons: the safety mode could be confusing at times, so we’ve decided to remove this function from all weapons.
  • Fixed: pistol magazines can not be knocked out with other magazines anymore – can only be released with the release button.


  • You can now change attachments on your weapon by knocking them off with another attachment. How badass is that?
  • Similarly, you can now knock out mags with any other mag you find, doesn’t have to be the same type.
  • New AI animations: enemy- and teammate AI got better animations, their movement is much more smooth and fluid. Their behaviour is also improved.
  • Difficulty dependant AI accuracy: the AI is now more accurate in hard difficulty, less so in normal- and easy.
  • More challenging enemies on normal and hard difficulties.
  • Increased the amount of XP per level, so you can gain ranks faster.
  • Start Next Level button now resets the next mission and starts it from the beginning in single player mode.
  • Rain effect on the new map
  • Tons of graphical optimizations
  • Minor sfx update
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