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It’s been a couple of months since our last update.
During these months 2020 went bonkers, which understandably affected our development speed as well.
Despite all the circumstances though, we have been extremely busy behind the scenes!

Where to begin…

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Let’s begin with a disclaimer: the update is delayed in the Oculus store, because after updating the game’s engine to the latest version, we encountered an issue that would prevent players from creating Co-op lobbies. We are really sorry for the inconvenience! We are working hard to solve the issue as soon as possible.

The two major changes happened under the hood: game engine update to a newer version, and ditching deferred rendering in favor of forward rendering.
Both of these changes were necessary to make the game more stable, more optimized. The first thing you will notice is the much sharper imagery (perks of forward rendering).

We had to convert all the environments and light settings to fit in the forward rendering pipeline – and while we were at it, we spiced up the atmosphere across all maps.
The results are… stunning! Better frames, better, sharper visuals, smoother gameplay. What’s not to like? 🙂

These changes took a lot of time to make and test (especially in a remote working environment) and didn’t leave room for new content. Except for… the promised player customization!
You can now customize your character with a wide selection of armors, helmets and other accessories – look for the dressing room in the lobby!

We could go on and on rambling about the overhauled ‘Timber pt.1’ mission, the Index Controller finger tracking support, the UI improvements or the gazillion of new graphics settings but… let’s just see the detailed patch notes!




  • Player Customization – Find your style by customizing your character’s outfit in the new dressing room!
    It works just like the weapon skin system: you can unlock new items by progressing through the ranks. Look for special helmets hidden on several maps!

  • Implemented several UI improvements
  • Forced full screen – The game now starts (and remains) in full screen mode instead of windowed mode.
  • Optimized game performance – We changed and improved a looot of under the hood components and optimized almost every part of the game to achieve better frames all-around.
  • Huge AI- and AI weapon optimization
  • Charging enemies no longer run into the player
  • AI and their weapons no longer collide with the player’s weapon



  • Overhauled ‘Timber pt. 1’: new objectives, new enemies, new covers, better overall combat feeling. Replaying it is recommended even for seasoned Zero Caliber veterans!
  • Fixed bullet count for the USP extended mag
  • Fixed L85 ironsight flip
  • Fixed weapon rails
  • Kriss Vector detach fix
  • Balance changes for M4A1, AK47, P90, Colt 1911, Colt Python, AWP and Remington 870
  • Fixed an issue with grenade pins
  • Fixed overpowered enemies on ‘Lockup’
  • Fixed a pickup POI on ‘Canyon’
  • Explosive tank collision fixed
  • Several playzone fixes
  • Fixed rare issues of AI spawning in unreachable locations



  • Implemented finger tracking for Valve Index controllers. Need we say more?
    Pre-defined hand gestures still work.

  • Improved default Index controller bindings – ejecting mags is now the ‘A’ button
  • Reduced player speed for gameplay balance- and motion sickness reasons
  • Player height is now adjustable between 150-210 cm



  • Improved sync between the host and clients to reduce lag, thus resulting in a smoother and more stable Co-op gameplay
  • Fixed the sync of crouching and prone stances
  • Fixed an issue that caused extended magazines to be replaced with default magazines in Co-op sessions
  • Being able to pull off other players’ attachments is disabled (except for magazines)
  • Fixed various issues preventing the player from using force pull or grabbing weapons
  • Fixed multiple issues caused by respawning and reviving other players
  • Various fixes for client side issues and performance
  • Fixed intro subtitles being displayed multiple times in Co-op
  • Fixed scaling enemy numbers for different player counts
  • After a mission’s end screen, the game doesn’t throw players to another map automatically after 5 minutes
  • The server list and the number of players on the multiplayer screen now refreshes every time upon joining, not only after checkpoints as before



  • Sound is now forced on Oculus headsets
  • More immersive bullet impact sounds
  • Altered soundscape when low on HP



  • Customizable quality settings for better scalability – We reworked the graphics settings menu. There are now a ton of options to fine tune graphics settings. Choose the combination best suited for your system’s capabilities!
    The game still performs a benchmark test upon launching for the first time after the update, and sets the graphics accordingly. This is on point most of the time.

  • Switched to forward rendering from the previously used deferred rendering. This results in a sharper imagery and better performance all-around
  • Improved lighting and reworked atmosphere on all maps
  • Improved GPU performance thanks to forward rendering
  • Tweaked temporal anti-aliasing for sharper rendering
  • Introduced five new graphic quality presets to easily set up the game’s performance
  • New highlight system for interactable items/objects

  • Materials and lights are converted to forward rendering on all maps
  • More accurate light maps
  • Optimized textures
  • Several minor asset fixes


…and hundreds of other minor fixes.

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