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It’s that time of the year!

To bring a little spookiness to Zero Caliber, we’ve carved a huge amount of pumpkins and placed them all over the night mission ‘Retaliation’ (you can find a few of them in the Lobby as well).
These Halloween pumpkins come with a little surprise: they blow up when shot (with a surprise sound effect). Use them to fight off the evil Tlalokiis!


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If you just want to throw around pumpkins for the fun of it, look for them at the basketball court in ‘Lockup’ or at the beginning of ‘Retaliation’.


new SCAR variant can be found in the ‘Armory’ with a fancy Halloween themed skin!

Besides the new SCAR (which will be unlockable in the next update), we’ve made a spooky skin for a community favourite weapon: the M4!

We hope you’ll enjoy this little Halloween event we’ve made!
Have a spooky Halloween!
XREAL Games Team

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