About XREAL Games

XREAL Games is a Hungary based indie game development studio founded in 2016 by Virtual Reality enthusiasts, focusing on VR game development. Our first title, A-Tech Cybernetic stormed the PC VR market in 2017, quickly becoming a fan favourite in the horror/first person shooter genre, while our second game, Zero Caliber VR debuted on the best selling charts in 2018, remaining the only single player/co-op military shooter in Virtual Reality ever since. A-Tech Cybernetic was also released on PlayStation VR in 2020, and will be followed by Zero Caliber’s PSVR conversion scheduled for a 2020 Q4 release.

The core members of XREAL Games have a shared history in making high quality Augmented- and Virtual Reality experiences and games since the emergence of VR as a technology. Lead by Virtual Reality enthusiasts, our team is dedicated to create new industry standards for how a game can be made with Unreal Engine.