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Zero Caliber 2 is happening!

You can wishlist on Steam and Meta right now:

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Zero Cal 2 is a direct sequel to Zero Caliber VR/Zero Caliber: Reloaded, but bigger and better in every way, being built on everything we’ve learned during Zero Caliber’s development while incorporating the immense community feedback we’ve been collecting over the years.

Coming in 2024 to Quest and Steam – stay tuned for for sneak peeks and BTS, they’re gonna blow your socks off!


XREAL Games is a Hungary based indie game development studio founded in 2016 by Virtual Reality enthusiasts, focusing on VR game development. Their first title, A-Tech Cybernetic stormed the PC VR market in 2017, quickly becoming a fan favourite in the horror/first person shooter genre, while their second game, Zero Caliber VR debuted on the best selling charts in 2018, remaining the only story-driven single player/co-op military shooter in Virtual Reality ever since. A-Tech Cybernetic was also released on PlayStation VR in 2020, followed by Zero Caliber’s standalone conversion, Zero Caliber: Reloaded in 2021, Gambit 2023, Zero Caliber 2 in 2024.

The core members of XREAL Games have a shared history in making high quality Augmented- and Virtual Reality experiences and games since the emergence of VR as a technology. Lead by Virtual Reality enthusiasts, our team is dedicated to create new industry standards for how a game can be made with Unreal Engine.


If you want to experience our studio life follow us on Linkedin. 😉 We post pictures and videos about our team. Linkedin