About XREAL Games

XREAL Games, founded in 2016, is a Hungarian indie game development company specializing in high-end virtual reality games. The main focus of the studio is to create interactive game experiences for PC and console VR devices containing innovative VR UX solutions, high-quality graphics, advanced AI mechanics and even some narrative elements.

The core members of XREAL Games have a shared history in making high quality augmented- and virtual reality experiences and games since the emergence of VR as a technology. Lead by virtual reality enthusiasts, our team is dedicated to create new industry standards for how a game can be made with Unreal Engine.


And who are the faces behind XREAL Games? Let’s meet the team: 


XREAL Games is mostly known for working on two indie VR shooter games: A-Tech Cybernetic VR and Zero Caliber VR. All the team members are gun enthusiasts and really huge fans of shooter games. This passion was the initial drive for creating these games in the FPS genre. During the development process, the XREAL Games team also focuses on maintaining close interactions with players and believe that the best experience is granted when players are involved.