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After our previous update, we were going to release a hotfix to fix a few fixes we fixed earlier.
Then we went full XREAL Games and added a bunch of stuff up until the point we couldn’t call it a ‘hotfix’ anymore – so it became a content update instead.

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Besides the new map, we added the option to turn friendly AI off – this has probably been the most requested feature by the community.

Set the difficulty to hard, and friendly AI off – challenge guaranteed on all maps!

We fixed the sound output- and item unlock issues, and overhauled the game’s haptic feedback system. Controllers go brrrr!
We also improved the so-called ‘weapon smoothing’ to add a bit more weight to the weapons. They behave more realistically this way, and the smoothing helps with aiming as well.

Another important improvement is the new batch of graphics optimizations, which will maybe hopefully finally stabilize the game’s performance for everyone.
If you are still experiencing abysmally low fps after the update, please reach out to us at support@xrealgames.com.

We could go on and on about all the little fixes and tweaks forever, but ain’t nobody got time for that.
Full patch notes:




  • A brand new mission: ‘Night Shift’ Part 1 – Prepare for a rocky ride, and remember: red things go BOOM! Night Shift is located at the top left of the world map.
    Also, there might be a new weapon skin hidden somewhere.

  • Minor gameplay fixes across all maps
  • Improved attachment removal to prevent accidentally ripping off attachments in the heat of the battle
  • Almost all weapons got downscaled to better match their real life size.



  • Option to disable friendly AI on all maps – This makes the game way more spicier!
  • Destroyable covers – they’re debuting on the new map. Let us know if you’d like to see them used more!

  • Better weapon smoothing – weapon handling is a bit more realistic now with better weight simulation. It makes aiming easier.
  • New enemy type: Auto-turret, also debuting on the new map.
  • Bought weapons and attachments will no longer disappear. You might have more bought weapons than before as a side effect.
  • Rewards for reaching Rank 100 will now properly unlock.
  • Fixed XP calculations – harder difficulties yield more XP again.



  • Improved and more sophisticated haptic feedback with different rumbling patterns for different actions.
  • There is now an option to turn haptic feedback (vibration) off completely.
  • Fixed controller mappings in the tutorial – there is no outdated information displayed anymore.



  • Reworked shadows
  • Tons of graphical optimizations. Please let us know if you notice any positive or negative change in performance!



  • New in-game option to select your preferred audio output device. The game sounds are no longer forced to the headset for Oculus users. Look for it in the audio settings!
  • New pistol sounds and reworked silencer sounds, especially for the weapons with built-in silencers.
  • Louder sounds for almost every player interaction for a more immersive experience.
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