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This update is huge. HUGE. Probably the biggest one in the game’s history.

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We’ve overhauled the ‘Tutorial’ for new players (replaying it is recommended even for seasoned Zero Caliber veterans), we’ve added the first part of the next story chapter, ‘Canyon’ and three new weapons (MK18, FN SCAR, USP). Shotguns recieved proper reload mechanics and we’ve introduced a new, experimental reload for pistols. As a result, dual wielding them became one of the most badass things in the game! Oh, and we’ve also added distance-dependent weapon damage. And virtual gunstock. And a new ragdoll system for the AI. And we’ve increased the amount of XP earned per mission.
Missing Touch controller bindings got fixed and we’ve revisited the Index controller handling – hopefully it feels much better now!

BUT… an even bigger part of this update can be found under the hood – performance optimization!
Our programmers have been knee-deep in the game’s core code to optimize it almost from scratch. We’re hoping that this will improve the performance across all kinds of configurations.

We’ve been testing the game until the last second, but since the code optimization is massive, it’s almost guaranteed that players will run into small issues here and there.

ATTENTION: unfortunately one of the negative results of the code optimization is the loss of player equipment and saved loadouts. The progress and unlocked items however should stay the same!

And now.. here’s the full list of changes, additions and improvements:


  • Tutorial rework: we’ve overhauled the whole tutorial both visually and functionally in order to explain the game better for inexperienced players. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you can launch it from the world map.
  • New story mission: Canyon. It is the first part of the new campaign destination. Can be played after ‘Hail’.


  • MK18 with 9 different skins
  • FN SCAR with 6 different skins
  • USP pistol with 9 different skins
  • New attachments: MK18 suppressors, 2 angled grips, holo sight. New content is marked in the armory.
  • Damage falloff: the amount of damage done by a weapon is now distance-dependent.
  • Pump-action for all shotguns. SPAS has the option for semi-auto firemode.
  • Unique shotgun spread for all shotguns
  • Shotguns now take shells one-by-one from clips. If your shotgun is only missing one shell, the other 4 shells will stay in the clip and the clip doesn’t disappear.
  • Reworked weapon physics – more realistic behavior when weapon is not held in hands
  • All holo sights have new, adjustable brightness/color options
  • Underbarrel grip removal now works the same way it does with other attachments IF autogrip is OFF: hover over the grip, press trigger and pull it away. If autogrip is ON, functionality remains the same – when your hand grips onto the weapon automatically, press trigger and pull away to remove the grip


  • Virtual gunstock option added (look for it in the settings!): ‘ON’ mode is for all weapons, ‘REALISTIC’ mode applies only to weapons which already have a stock as part of the weapon body (e.g. AWP, AKM, AK47) or weapons which have a stock equipped and opened out (e.g G36C+stock attached)
  • Experimental, but badass dual pistol reload: when both mags are ejected (by pressing the mag release button), lower your hand to your ammo pouch, then press the slider back button. BAMM. – This new feature might work inconsistently in Co-op for now.
  • Improved recoil for every weapon and attachment
  • Increased XP for levels – less grinding
  • Weapon colliders and physics materials are improved to give a smoother gameplay experience when weapons interact with the environment
  • New ragdoll system: caliber- and shooting distance-dependent AI death reactions
  • AI soldiers are now able to walk through dead AI bodies


  • Optimized network code for smoother Co-op gameplay. It’s still not perfect, but we’re getting there!
  • Map selector at the end of each map – players are now able to continue the game without quitting to the lobby by voting on the next mission.


  • Haptic feedback (rumbling) added when gripping weapons and grabbing mags from the belt
  • Oculus Quest support FIXED with improved Touch controls
  • Fixed an Oculus Rift S bug where players couldn’t do anything at first start
  • Improved Index Controller controls: grabbing functionality with the controller has been revisited and improved. You will have to squeeze a little more to grab something (no more sucking up items when you just wanted to rest your fingers), removed the tiny delay when releasing items (smoother grenade throws).
  • Default Grip Option is set to Hold-To-Grab for Touch and Index Controllers, Toggle-Grip for Vive Wands by default. Can be changed in the settings.
  • Updated object handling for Touch controllers: mags, grenades and attachments can only be grabbed and picked up with the trigger, while the grip button is for grabbing weapons and bigger, non-weapon related objects.
  • Controller dead zone default value increased from 0.05 to 0.11 to avoid phantom movement


  • Optimization and more optimization


  • Super immersive environmental sounds
  • Redesigned indoor sounds
  • Updated weapon sounds


  • Fixed an issue where after grabbing an attachment from one hand to another, knock-off functionality would be lost
  • Fixed an issue where after dropping an attachment and quickly grabbing it would make attaching it to the weapon impossible
  • Fixed bouncing weapons – weapons now have more realistic physics
  • Menu pointer fixed when holding weapons with both hands
  • Vive: can’t take weapons out of other players holsters anymore
  • VIVE and Index Controller: fixed an issue where quickly dropping and grabbing a weapon by its slider caused the weapon to drop to the ground
  • Sock 1718c left-hand grab position fixed
  • Fixed an issue where weapons sometimes disappeared after respawning or the player spawned with other players’ equipment
  • Fixed an issue where the green outline stayed on objects
  • And endless more small bugfixes…
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