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This update is the continuation of the code optimization we’ve started in the previous content update.

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This time we’ve been focusing on the performance in Co-op as well as in single player – hopefully it is now significantly better across all game modes.
If you notice any fps drops, please let us know in the Bugreports section on Steam!

An important thing to note: we had to temporarily disable the game’s voice chat feature. We’re going to enable it after we overhaul it both functionality- and performance wise.

Besides optimization, we’ve also improved the Index controls: the ingame player hand is now correctly aligned to match the controllers’ actual position and orientation – plus we’ve fine-tuned the grip’s sensitivity based on community feedback.

You can read the full patch notes below:



  • Index controller aligned to match real life hand position (send us feedback!)
  • Improved controls, especially with the Index controller – better grip and ungrip sensitivity


  • Optimized AI animations for better performance
  • Enemy spawn fixes to reduce fps stuttering
  • Various small friendly AI spawn fixes


  • Improved pump action reload for shotguns
  • Fixed misaligned USP grip
  • Added missing skins for the Kriss Vector light stocks
  • AK-47 sound fixed
  • Several unlock icons fixed
  • Removed the wobbly foregrip from the Uzi
  • Fixed a client side shotgun clip bug (previously it could move randomly around the player’s hand)


  • Removed the ‘Tutorial’ map as a ‘Quick co-op match’ option
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the button inside the helicopter at the end of ‘Lockup’ before the narration could result in the player’s death
  • Fixed various minor multiplayer map selection issues


  • Fixed a rare issue where death sound could be heard constantly on the whole map
  • Fixed a client side sound glitch – sometimes enemy gun sound got stuck in a loop
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