CONTENT UPDATE #6 – Chapter 05 and 06, plus countless fixes and improvements!

The long awaited content update is here!
The two brand new Chapters, Chapter 05 – The Sundering and Chapter 06 – The End brings an epic closure to A-Tech Cybernetic’s story.
We’ve overhauled the gameplay and combat intensity throughout the whole game – in return, it became much more challenging! You really have to break a sweat in order to survive each Chapter.

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Besides adding new content, we’ve fixed countless community-reported issues and made improvements on all aspects of the game.
You can check all the fixes and improvements in the patch notes below.



  • Improved Brute behavior.
  • Improved accuracy and behavior for armed enemies – as a result, the game became a tiiiny bit more difficult.
  • Various other fixes for armed enemies.
  • Fixed a crash caused by zombies exploding.
  • Fixed an issue with enemies changing colour before dissolving.
  • General improvement of enemy performance and behavior.
  • Polished enemy animations.




  • Improved accessibility: a left-handed control layout has been added.
  • Improved locomotion.
  • Vive controller teleport fix: in turning mode, teleport is only activated by hitting UP on the touchpad. No more accidental teleporting while turning.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the player could’ve gotten stuck when dying during hand scanning.
  • Fixed the menu laser pointer.
  • Revised checkpoints.
  • New safety timers for objective triggers.
  • Fixed teleports.
  • Updated enemy encounters.
  • Fixed an issue where the detonator didn’t disappear after the explosion.
  • Improved navigation.
  • Fixed a locomotion issue when playing while sitting down, or being really short.
  • Fixed tutorial controllers not attaching to the player’s hand properly on the menu level.
  • Temporary fix for players not being able to pick up weapon ammo during later chapters (if they skipped previous chapters)
  • The flashlight can not be dropped accidentally.
  • Melee weapons can be stored (one at a time).
  • Fixed flamethrower.
  • Fixed ladder static component.
  • Weapon projectiles are now unaffected by gravity.
  • General sound mix balance update.
  • Updated objective markers.
  • Updated chapter 2 “hangar fight” enemy encounter.




  • Various skeletal meshes have been converted to static meshes.
  • Fixed memory leak issue in Chapter 03: unused particles are removed.
  • Updated level streaming.
  • Added splash screen and credit roll.




  • Achievements are WiP, might not be unlocking correctly, or at all.
  • The “turn music off” option is not yet implemented in the menus.
  • There is a rare issue with HTC Vive headset audio output that might cause crashes. If this happens, please connect and set your audio device to the PC audio output port instead.
  • Swarm mode is under development, will be reworked in the next update.

That’s all for now.
This update is an important step towards the game’s Full Release this year, so if you encounter any issues, or just want to share your feedback with us, please head over to the game’s community hub, or to our Discord server.
We read everything, even if we don’t respond. 🙂

Thank you for the continuous support!
XREAL Games Team


Why aren’t there more frequent updates for A-Tech Cybernetic? 

Good question!
And the answer is… PSVR. We are going to release the game on Sony’s platform as well. Click “Read more” for more information!

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When we’ve decided to include PSVR in our supported platforms, we knew it was going to be difficult… and we were right, it is a huge task for a small indie studio like us.
We’ve never done anything like this, we have to learn the limitations of the platform, then shaping and forming A-Tech Cybernetic to fit in those limitations.

The development process

In order to optimize the game for PSVR, we have to finalize the core mechanics, gameplay and content on the PC VR version. We’re doing this simultaneously.
It was the most efficient solution we could’ve gone with. While we’re exploring PSVR’s limits, we’re working on concluding the story, adding new weapons and fine-tuning gameplay mechanics.
With this method, we’re able to finish the PC VR version soon, and get the PSVR port done soon after.


We’re planning to release the full version on PC (Steam, Oculus Store and Viveport) in 2019, probably late Q1, early Q2.
Unfortunately we can’t give an exact date for the PSVR release. The development is going well, even better than we’ve expected, but we don’t know what obstacles we’re going to face in the development process.

We won’t give ground to any difficulties, we’re going to work as hard as we can to bring A-Tech Cybernetic VR to PSVR as soon as possible!