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The year is 2016 – a couple of young developers team up to discover the possibilities of an emerging technology: Virtual Reality.
With no previous VR experience, they set out to make a first person shooter they would all enjoy: A-Tech Cybernetic. A classic, action packed story, a ‘Swarm’ mode, a plethora of hard hitting weapons and some badass metal tunes in the background…

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It wasn’t easy. Quite the contrary, it was really difficult. No guides, no tutorials, no know-how on how to develop in VR. But it was fun.

Fast forward four years – the passion project of a few VR enthusiasts is leaving Early Access today, and has been released on another popular platform: Playstation VR.
We can also proudly present our first in-house Steam bundle:

It’s quite unbelievable to be honest. The game’s success has far surpassed our initial expectations, which allowed us to grow as a team, as an independent studio.

In the last update we added Valve Index controller support and overhauled the game’s ‘Swarm’ mode.
This is the point where we can, and have to say: it is done, the game is finished.
It is not perfect, but it is ours. Ours and yours, since all this wouldn’t be possible without your support throughout the years.
We could continue developing the game for years and years as we’re still full of ideas, but it is time for the A-Tech team to move on, to concentrate on other very exciting projects at XREAL Games.
We’ll still keep an eye on feedback, and won’t abandon the game. It is our firstborn after all.

We have learned so much during A-Tech’s development – we’ll use this knowledge and experience to bring you even better, more exciting games in the near future.

Once again, thank you so much for supporting us throughout the years. You are the reason we can do what we love.
Virtual Reality is our passion, we strongly believe it IS the future of gaming and we’d like to think we’re significantly contributing to its popularity.

Be sure to follow us on Social Media, 2020 will be a very exciting and busy year here at XREAL!


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