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Good question!
And the answer is… PSVR. We are going to release the game on Sony’s platform as well. Click “Read more” for more information!

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When we’ve decided to include PSVR in our supported platforms, we knew it was going to be difficult… and we were right, it is a huge task for a small indie studio like us.
We’ve never done anything like this, we have to learn the limitations of the platform, then shaping and forming A-Tech Cybernetic to fit in those limitations.

The development process

In order to optimize the game for PSVR, we have to finalize the core mechanics, gameplay and content on the PC VR version. We’re doing this simultaneously.
It was the most efficient solution we could’ve gone with. While we’re exploring PSVR’s limits, we’re working on concluding the story, adding new weapons and fine-tuning gameplay mechanics.
With this method, we’re able to finish the PC VR version soon, and get the PSVR port done soon after.


We’re planning to release the full version on PC (Steam, Oculus Store and Viveport) in 2019, probably late Q1, early Q2.
Unfortunately we can’t give an exact date for the PSVR release. The development is going well, even better than we’ve expected, but we don’t know what obstacles we’re going to face in the development process.

We won’t give ground to any difficulties, we’re going to work as hard as we can to bring A-Tech Cybernetic VR to PSVR as soon as possible!

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