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Update #4 – New AI, VFX improvements, adjustable belt and much more!

Hey everyone,
A lot has happened in this update, so let’s get right into it!
The first thing we’d like to point out is the new AI: we worked really hard to make noticeable changes in their behaviour and combat capabilities. As a result, they now behave more realistically: they stagger when getting hit, they are able to shoot while hiding behind covers, they sprint into cover and much more – the difference is night and day!
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This also means that the game became a tiny bit more difficult, so buckle up!
We also added a much requested option: it is now possible to manually adjust the weapon holster- and ammo pouch position (both vertically and horizontally).
We squeezed a lot of graphical improvements into this update as well!
‘Inspection’ is now a night map with an awesome lighting setup, all ‘Operation Woodpecker’ maps got a foliage rework, ‘Thunderstorm’ and ‘Frostbite’ got weather effects to further increase immersion, and we added a lot of VFX, lighting and atmosphere improvements all around.
Here’s everything that happened in this update:
Version 1.2.346 changelog


  • [VFX] Added weather effects (rain, snowdrift) on ‘Thunderstorm’ and ‘Frostbite’
  • [VFX] Reworked bullet impact effects
  • [VFX] Reworked muzzle flash- and explosion effects
  • [VFX] Added different muzzle flash effects for several weapons
  • [VFX] Weapons equipped with silencers and weapons with integrated suppressors now have appropriate muzzle flash effects
  • Reworked the foliage on all ‘Operation Woodpecker’ maps
  • Reworked light setup and atmosphere on several maps
  • Converted the ‘Inspection’ map to a night time scenario
  • Increased character texture sizes – Quest 2 only
  • Various decor fixes and improvements throughout all maps
  • Improved NPC animations
  • [UI] XP and currency is now displayed correctly on all UI interfaces


  • The enemy is much sharper and their aiming is much faster
  • The AI’s cover usage is more complex now: they can shoot from different sides and angles when hiding behind cover
  • Head movement: enemies will now look at their target
  • Enemies now get to cover much faster by sprinting
  • Improved AI idle animations
  • Countless AI behaviour improvements


  • Increased ‘Veteran’ difficulty
  • Reworked the boss fight entrance part of the ‘Daybreak’ mission
  • Reworked the whole gameplay on ‘Passage’
  • Improved combat on ‘Inspection’
  • General AI and cover improvements on all maps
  • General climbing improvements on all maps
  • Changed the rifle to a more convenient one in the shooting tutorial
  • Increased weapon presence time in single player – dropped weapons will remain there for longer


  • Added an option to manually adjust the ammo belt and holster position – Settings -> Game
  • Improved the climbing mechanics to make it easier and less of a chore
  • [Left handed mode] Weapons now spawn in left hand in Co-op as well


  • Added greater variety of ingame music
  • Enhanced environmental sounds


  • Fixed an issue where two pointers would appear in front of the mission end screen, thus obstructing gameplay
  • Climbing fixes on several objects
  • Fixed a small friend invite error
  • Fixed several graphical glitches
  • Fixed a magazine spawn issue in Co-op
  • Fixed a rare issue where the AI could shoot trough covers Uzi weapon alignment fix
  • Fixed several spots where the enemy could spawn in plain sight
  • Fixed an AI cover animation glitch
  • Animated friendly hand pose fixes
  • Improved overall server stability


Even though the AI got a much needed overhaul, we aren’t done with it: expect further improvements real soon!
The promised bHaptics support is coming as well, and we’ve started to experiment with different game modes/challenges. 😉
We have a lot of plans for this year, so stay tuned and follow us on social media to catch all the news!


You can check every improvement that happened since the game’s release:


We’d love to hear your feedback!
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See you in-game!
Dan & the whole XREAL Games Team

Update #3 – Co-op and left-handed mode fixes and improvements, future updates

This update contains important fixes and improvements for left-handed players, and several other improvements for everyone.
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Version 1.1.276 changelog


  • Improved ammo pouch location – it’s now closer to the player to avoid accidentally grabbing holstered weapons instead of magazines
  • Displayed controller mapping now reflects the selected control mode (left- or right-handed)


  • It is now possible to choose which thumbstick you’d like to use for movement/turning
  • Left-handed mode: weapons now spawn in the left hand in Co-op


  • Civilian NPCs now wear masks


  • Left-handed mode: fixed the loadout UI interface – it was impossible to change loadouts in version 1.0.264
  • Left-handed mode: fixed a UI scrolling issue
  • Co-op: fixed an issue that could cause crashes when pressing ‘next level’ at the end of a mission
  • Co-op: fixed a rare “floating hand” issue – previously Co-op buddies could leave their hands behind


We aren’t stopping here!
Currently we plan to release two more updates in June – the next one’s main focus will be native bHaptics support, while the one after that will improve the AI behaviour and animations even more alongside further visual- and countless gameplay/UI improvements.
New weapons and new content are coming as well! We’ve started experimenting with new game modes, stay tuned for more info!





We’d love to hear your feedback!
  • Join our Discord to share your first impressions and suggestions, find Co-op buddies, or just hang out
  • Follow us on Twitter to catch future update news and server related info
  • If you encounter any technical issues, please send us an email to support@xrealgames.com
See you in-game!
Dan & the whole XREAL Games Team

Update #2 – Major visual- and AI improvements and tons of fixes

We’ve spent the last two weeks reading reviews, Discord discussions and feedback from every corner of the internet – this update is the culmination of all that. Here’s everything that happened:
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Besides fixing a ton of minor issues, we added a lot of Quest 2 specific graphical improvements, overhauled the lighting and overall environment decor of the open maps in ‘Operation Woodpecker’, fine-tuned the AI even more to make the overall difficulty a bit harder, added volume control for sound effects/narration and improved the Loadout UI interface.
Version 1.0.264 changelog



  • Improved sun and sky effects on several maps
  • Complete lighting and ambience overhaul on all ‘Operation Woodpecker’ maps
  • Reworked trees and decor elements on all ‘Operation Woodpecker’ maps
  • Increased overall texture sizes (Quest 2 only) – more than 700MB worth of extra textures!
  • Improved explosion effects (Quest 2 only)
  • Ejected shells are now shiny (Quest 2 only)
  • Reworked bullet impact effects
  • Reworked explosion effects
  • Added a completely new UI interface for the ‘Loadout’ screen in the ‘Lobby’ area



  • Increased veteran difficulty
  • Added new, and improved existing AI/NPC animations
  • Improved combat scenarios on all maps
  • Improved AI behaviour on all maps
  • Improved the enemies’ cover usage – they’ll use more cover now
  • Interaction hints can now be fully switched off
  • Increased boss difficulty – enemy leaders are now more dangerous
  • Fixed a rare issue where enemies could spawn in plain sight
  • Fixed several cover colliders – less chance to hit invisible walls when shooting from cover
  • Subtitle improvements
  • Improved objective locations and descriptions
  • Improved grip handling
  • Improved climbing on a few hard-to-reach surfaces



  • Added volume control for sound effects and narration – you can find it in settings -> audio
  • Added wind- and other ambient sounds for open maps
  • Gameplay/combat music is more varied now
  • Added end-of-mission sound effect



  • Fixed a rare issue where attachments could be permanently stuck on the ‘try out rack’ in the shooting range
  • Several co-op interaction fixes
  • Countless minor co-op fixes
  • Fixed a rare issue where buttons/levers could stop functioning
  • Fixed various narration errors
  • Fixed several lighting errors on decor elements
  • Fixed several cases where decor elements could pop out of nowhere
  • Fixed several spots where players could get stuck
  • Fixed several UI errors
  • Fixed several weapon/magazine icons
  • Hand pose fixes
  • Fixed false ‘leaving combat zone’ warning on several maps
  • Fixed the Rem870 shotgun’s standard pump position
  • GE 36 sound fi



We’d love to hear your feedback!
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  • If you encounter any technical issues, please send us an email to support@xrealgames.com
See you in-game!
Dan & the whole XREAL Games Team

Zero Caliber: Reloaded


Zero Caliber: Reloaded is a story based military shooter with a full-blown single player campaign and Co-operative mode (up to 4 players), developed for Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2.
Rise through the ranks to unlock a wide variety of weapons and attachments, customize them, climb, jump, crouch, shoot, get to cover, reload, invite your friends, repeat – be prepared for a mind-blowingly immersive experience!





Handle, aim and reload your weapons with real-life movements! We modeled the in-game weapons based on their real-life counterparts paying extreme attention to detail. Each weapon has its unique reloading method that you have to learn and practice to fully master them.

If you fancy explosions, just grab a grenade and throw it at the enemy. After you pulled the pin with your teeth of course.

Stay in the open for too long and you’re dead. Try to find cover instead, duck, crouch, sneak, peek around a corner, clear obstacles with real-life movements. Military combat isn’t all about shooting. Being aware of your surroundings, the terrain, and working together with your squadmates are all part of a successful mission. 





Everyone has a unique playstyle. Is accuracy your thing? Put a laser sight on your assault rifle and take accurate shots in semi-automatic mode, or just grab a sniper rifle. Are you more of a shoot first, ask later type of person? Take a shotgun, or dual wield your machine guns in fully automatic firing mode. Be careful though, recoil can make your job really difficult! Combine your favourite gun with your favourite attachments on-the-fly to find out which variation suits you the most!





Water is life. Someone should’ve made that clear before humanity started poisoning Earth with microplastics. Now water is death. People are fighting for drinkable water, for survival.

The military tried their best to keep order, but inevitably they got overwhelmed. That’s when mercenaries appeared.. then entire private armies.. and then when hope started to fade away came the religious cults. The most fearsome of all is a secretive organization worshipping Tlaloc, the aztec God of rain. The “Tlalokii”, as they call themselves. Their motto? “Join us or perish”. What is even worse, they know something that can change the fate of humanity.

Be part of this action-packed, story-driven VR adventure where you fight alongside your fellow soldiers trying to keep order… or what’s left of it anyway.



A constantly developing military VR FPS experience that will surely make you forget that you are in a video game!