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We’re back with our Grand update that comes along with a brand new look and a brand new trailer!
Besides improving the AI even further, this time we brought you new content as well.
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Two much requested weapons are debuting in this update: the SIG SG 552 Commando assault rifle, and the Beretta Mx4 Storm submachine gun – both come with a pretty neat skin as well!
(We take community requests seriously, so if you have a favourite weapon you’d like to see in the game, head over to our Discord and let us know!)
The AI got a much needed overhaul in the last update, but we didn’t stop there: the Tlalokii now can, and will kick/smash you if you get too close, so be careful in those close-quarters combat situations!
Besides their new melee ability, they got a lot smarter too: they react quicker, change tactical positions mid-combat and use covers more efficiently. They can put up a real fight!
All these improvements mean that the game became more challenging on all difficulty levels, so get your trusty weapons ready, invite your friends and test your skills on ‘Veteran’ difficulty!
We have also increased texture resolution (Quest 2 only), reworked the gameplay/combat/environment on several maps, added native bHaptics support and fixed a lot of stuff.
Here’s everything that happened in this update:
Version 1.3.380 changelog



  • Added a new assault rifle: SIG SG 552 Commando
  • Added a new submachine gun: Beretta MX4 Storm
  • Added four new attachments: ACOG Scope Delta, Zerstöyer scope, Tactical Scope A-T. and an AR 85 Iron Sight


  • Enemies now actively look for targets, they patrol and move tactically during firefights
  • Melee: enemies now react by kicking or smashing if you get too close to them
  • Optimized AI decision making – they’ll adapt to situations a lot faster
  • Enemies are more accurate now and they aim quicker
  • Range-dependent attack variations
  • Improved enemy behaviour/animations all around


  • Increased Quest 2 resolution
  • Overhauled environment decor on ‘Lumberyard’ (Operation Woodpecker)
  • Improved environment VFX
  • Improved impact effects (mainly on wooden surfaces)
  • Improved weather effects on ‘Frostbite’
  • Improved environment decor all around


  • Increased ‘Veteran’ difficulty
  • Smarter A.I. makes the game a bit more challenging on all difficulty settings
  • Gameplay/combat rework on ‘Lumberyard’ (Operation Woodpecker)
  • Gameplay/combat rework on ‘Entrance ‘ (Operation Nightshift)
  • Gameplay/combat rework on ‘Oasis’ (Operation No Man’s Land)




  • Minor sound effect fixes
  • Fixed countless minor visual glitches across all maps
  • Fixed countless minor colliders across all maps
  • NPC hand LOD fixes
  • Server stability improvements


Free content updates in the form of new weapons and attachments will be a regular thing.
The new game modes are shaping up nicely as well. 😉
We have a lot of plans for this year, so stay tuned and follow us on social media to catch all the news!


List of previous updates:


We’d love to hear your feedback!
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  • If you encounter any technical issues, please send us an email to support@xrealgames.com
See you in-game!
Dan & the whole XREAL Games Team
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