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The 6th update is here with the brand new Survival Game Mode, two new maps and the long-awaited M249 light machine gun!
We’ve also added stats to every mission’s briefing screen in the lobby – you can now keep track of your personal records.
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We’re pretty excited to see what y’all think about this massive update, so please don’t hesitate to send us feedback either on Discord or Facebook!
Version 1.4.493 changelog:


The new Survival game mode revolves around the ‘Defense’ theme.
Repel the attacks and survive until extraction, or… stay, and give ‘em hell for as long as you can!
On ‘Critical Mass’, your task is to defend a stationary nuclear bomb while waves after waves of Tlalokii soldiers try to sabotage your mission – get your CQB skills ready!
On ‘The VIP’, your objective is to defend a very important person: Bob. He’ll fight with you, but remember: keeping him (and yourself) alive is key – make sure to check every door and window, Tlalokii soldiers are everywhere!
IMPORTANT: bringing your own loadout to these locations is not possible – you’ll start with a single pistol instead. Don’t worry though, you’ll receive a well-deserved supply crate containing more effective, more badass weapons and attachments after each wave. Make sure to collect them before the next wave starts!
ATTENTION: this game mode is hard. While there is no rank requirement to unlock it, we recommend reaching at least Rank 30 before jumping in. Or…
Grab your friends (or strangers) and help each other in Co-op, we guarantee it’s gonna be a blast!


The M249 is finally making an appearance – this deservedly famous light machine gun really packs a punch!
It unlocks at Rank 20 (or after getting it from a supply crate in the new Survival Mode) and can be found in the ‘assault rifle’ category.
To celebrate the new game mode, we added two new weapon skins – one for the Famas, and one for the Mx4 Storm. Both skins can be unlocked in the new Survival Mode.
In addition, the SG552 also received a new skin, and we added a new attachment as well: the HAMR Scope.


Besides the new content, we fixed countless minor graphics- and gameplay related bugs, improved server stability and tweaked the overall difficulty of the game.
We also improved the end screen you see at the end of each mission. Here’s the full list:
  • Redesigned mission end screen UI
  • Added mission objective UI
  • Co-op synchronisation fixes (tanky AI, hit detection, late join related issues)
  • Improved AI animations (including cover animations)
  • Improved AI cover usage
  • Improved AI pathfinding and movement
  • Improved Co-op user interface: level info/status sync
  • M14: improved iron sight
  • MAC-11: improved two-handed accuracy
  • KRISS Vector: decreased horizontal recoil and decreased recoil while the drum mag is equipped
  • MP5 and MP5SD: improved two-handed accuracy and decreased horizontal recoil
  • P90: improved two-handed accuracy and decreased horizontal recoil
  • UMP45: decreased one-handed accuracy and horizontal recoil
  • Glock 18c: increased one-handed and two-handed accuracy
  • Increased draw distance for weapons and attachments (Quest 2 only)
  • Improved sky in the shooting part of the Tutorial
  • Improved sniper reload
  • Various weapon skin improvements
  • Asset resolution improvements
  • Fixed several cover colliders
  • Improved weapon LOD
  • Countless minor graphics and gameplay fixes


By the time you read this we have already started working on the next update – it’ll bring yet another brand new Survival map as well as improvements for the current ones.
Keep an eye on our socials to see when that’s coming!


You can check all previous updates here:


We’d love to hear your feedback!
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  • If you encounter any technical issues, please send us an email to support@xrealgames.com
See you in-game!
Dan & the whole XREAL Games Team
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