Friday, 5 June 2020 — Budapest, Hungary: XREAL Games LLC (the creators of the Steam store Platinum-seller Zero Caliber VR) and 2ndGig announce today that they are working on Gambit!, a co-op action game for VR headsets that casts up to 4 players in a road movie style adventure full of tracks and guns and rock and roll.

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Set in a pre-apocalyptic world slowly moving towards its demise, Gambit! follows four close-knit mercenaries, whose life is turned upside down after they blow their biggest assignment yet, infuriating their influential client.

Each of the three Chapters of the game – all of them comprised of three large maps – can be played by one to four players, with a strong emphasis on a diverse range of weapons and high-octane VR action. Each map has a ton of unlockable content, which can be accessed through effort and progress, greatly boosting replay value. The fast paced, easy to pick up single player and co-op campaign is complemented by a multiplayer deathmatch feature optimized for a seamless VR experience.

Gambit! will launch in 2022, with a gameplay reveal and more details coming soon.


About XREAL Games LLC:
XREAL Games is a Hungary based indie game development studio founded in 2016 by virtual reality enthusiasts, focusing on VR game development. Their first title, A-Tech Cybernetic stormed the PC VR market in 2017, quickly becoming a fan favourite in the horror/first person shooter genre, while their second game, Zero Caliber VR debuted on the best selling charts in 2018, remaining the only single player/co-op military shooter in Virtual Reality ever since. A-Tech Cybernetic was also released on PlayStation VR earlier this year, and will be followed by Zero Caliber’s PSVR conversion scheduled for a 2022 Q1 release.

About 2ndGig:
Founded in 2019 and located in Budapest, Hungary, 2ndGig is a fully owned subsidiary of XREAL Games LLC. Lead by game development veterans Theodore Reiker (Sine Mora) and Peter Gelencser (The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Far Cry 5, Cyberpunk 2077) the studio’s primary goal is to deliver AAA quality VR entertainment while encapsulating the pioneering indie spirit that surrounds the platform.

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