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This update contains important fixes and improvements for left-handed players, and several other improvements for everyone.
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Version 1.1.276 changelog


  • Improved ammo pouch location – it’s now closer to the player to avoid accidentally grabbing holstered weapons instead of magazines
  • Displayed controller mapping now reflects the selected control mode (left- or right-handed)


  • It is now possible to choose which thumbstick you’d like to use for movement/turning
  • Left-handed mode: weapons now spawn in the left hand in Co-op


  • Civilian NPCs now wear masks


  • Left-handed mode: fixed the loadout UI interface – it was impossible to change loadouts in version 1.0.264
  • Left-handed mode: fixed a UI scrolling issue
  • Co-op: fixed an issue that could cause crashes when pressing ‘next level’ at the end of a mission
  • Co-op: fixed a rare “floating hand” issue – previously Co-op buddies could leave their hands behind


We aren’t stopping here!
Currently we plan to release two more updates in June – the next one’s main focus will be native bHaptics support, while the one after that will improve the AI behaviour and animations even more alongside further visual- and countless gameplay/UI improvements.
New weapons and new content are coming as well! We’ve started experimenting with new game modes, stay tuned for more info!





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See you in-game!
Dan & the whole XREAL Games Team
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