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Since the last update, we’ve been working very hard on fixing core issues, and optimizing the game’s performance.
We haven’t forgotten about content either, another community favourite weapon got added: the Steyr AUG with new attachment and surprises!
You’ll see a new, initial setup guide to help you choose the settings of your liking.

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It’s hard to summarize all the improvements, fixes and content, so please do read the patchnotes below.

  • Player movement changes: – Increased top speed while running – Slower base speed, slower strafing, slower going backwards – Slower crouch and prone speed – Player can only run when not aiming (depending on weapon type) – Run can be automatically, or by-input activated (can be set in the options menu)
  • Fixed disappearing weapon slot
  • Initial Setup Menu added: it will pop up only at the first launch after this update: players are introduced to some of our most critical and useful settings
  • Improved main hand-, and trigger pulling finger animation
  • Player body stays on the ground after dying
  • Force pull fixed after lever release
  • Player weapon grab on death fixed




  • Benchmark Feature under graphics settings: Auto-Set your game to 90 fps any time!
  • Optimized weapon and attachment textures (smaller size, same quality)
  • Lobby armory performance optimizations
  • All scopes and crosshairs have sharper reticle now
  • Significant Disk Size improvement of the Packaged Game (From 30 GB to 15 GB)
  • ‘Retaliation’ lighting iteration: brightened up some dark spots of the map
  • Fixed ‘Retaliation’ foliage lighting errors

  • Steyr AUG bullpup assault rifle with new attachments. Check the unlock requirements in the new info panel!
  • New info panel added to the armory, showing the rank requirements for unlocking each weapon and attachment
  • Improved, frame rate independent recoil
  • New skins hidden on different maps (The first community skins, courtesy of Koretskyy. Thank you mate!)
  • Weapon and skin unlock fixes
  • Projectile spawning is synced from client to server
  • Improved hand poses: Better primary gripping of weapons, improved mag holding poses
  • Lasersight improvements: lit when playing on high quality. A flare indicates its position when enemy holds his weapon directly at player
  • Scopes zoom levels changed, now all scopes can be used in Close-to-Mid range combat scenarios. Default zoom has the widest FOV.
  • WiP, experimental attachments hidden as easter eggs in different maps (Magnified Holo Sight, HAMR Hybrid Scope, Canted Iron Sights Rail, Drum Kit Mag for Kriss Vector)
  • 2 new laser attachments with new colors
  • Bipod: players are now able to use it as a vertical grip
  • Improved lasersight positions because of the new laser attachments
  • Laser sight visual is same for teammates and allies
  • The first story map, ‘Timber’ is divided into 2 parts with reworked layout and gameplay. Previously this map was huge, which negatively affected performance.
  • Co-op: respawn grab fixed on client side
  • Co-op: weapon drop from hand upon player death improved
  • Co-op: floating weapons on player leave fix
  • AI: reworked targeting and aiming system for more balanced fights
    • Updated semi gun sounds.
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