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In this update, we’ve added the most requested weapon by the community: the KRISS Vector submachine gun and its attachments. Such a unique gun! It can be unlocked by replaying ‘Boot Camp’. We’ve also majorly decreased the blurriness some of you might’ve experienced. We’re constantly working on optimization, so expect even more improvements in the near future!

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See the detailed patchnotes below: 

  • KRISS Vector, Light+Heavy stock, two suppressors, a holosight and a vertical grip – replay ‘Boot Camp’ to unlock it
  • GE36 slider stays back when emptied
  • SMG 45 slap reload added
  • Fixed folding stock scales
  • Significant improvement on the impact effect – now different calibers make different damage to various surfaces
  • Force pull effect added – a laser beam that makes it a lot easier to select the object you want to pull (can be enabled/disabled in the settings)
  • Decreased blurriness and tons of optimizations and fixes
  • Players get XP and money at the completion of each level. It is calculated differently than before and will be changed in the near future
  • Improved (more accurate) colliders for various objects
  • Timers are shown on the objective marker
  • Improved AI cover finding
  • Fixed playzone problems on ‘Tinder’ in Co-op mode
  • Fixed minor playzone problem on ‘Hail’
  • Moved Ka5c stock unlock to the same map as the weapon unlock
  • Frostbite can’t be rushed through without fighting
  • Fences don’t block bullets on Frostbite 
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