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We’ve made it. We finally launched the game. Then came Monday.
‘Captain we just hit an iceberg and our rating is sinking!’
‘Everyone to their stations! We can’t sink now!’

This is roughly how we perceived it. There wasn’t a celebration or even a beer.
Even though the game was met with mostly positive reception we knew we had a lot to do. So after we made damage reports everyone started working on fixing stuff. Broken AI, broken maps everything was redone in a week, maybe two.

Slowly we started turning our heads to calmer waters, after the first 2 hotfixes the game looks solid enough to expand and upgrade.

So, roughly two weeks ago we got to the point where we had some breathing room to start expanding the game. The Dragunov already made it, the extended mags were added to the rebuilt armory. The VoiP works fine now, and a lot of movement and control options were added to the game.

What’s on the Horizon? A brand new map, taking place in the snowy north, were the Tlaloki (?kidnapped Santa Claus?) have taken a weather station. Also an American classic the M14 is making an appearance.

And what’s beyond it? A massive overhaul on the game’s progression system, enemy classes with various behaviors and weapons, player hand position reworks, visual improvements on projectiles and if the technology is willing, a brand new animation-AI base for the enemies and lot, lot more.

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