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In this update you’ll find a new sniper rifle: the SVD Dragunov with the PSO scope. Auto grip/ungrip got implemented, the previously implemented snap/smooth turn can now be disabled in the control settings and FPS drops while using scope is gone. Check the detailed patchnotes below for the gameplay, multiplayer improvements and graphical fixes!

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New weapon and attachments:

  • SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle – with the PSO Scope!
  • RIS Adapter / PSO scope for AK47, AKM, AS Val
Player/Controls improvements:
  • Auto grip, auto ungrip by proximity is now available both on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive! Can be turned on/off in the settings menu.
  • Option to turn off snap/smooth turn is now available in the settings menu!
    How to snap/smooth turn?
    Oculus: On dominant hand (right by default) move joystick left/right
    and release
    Vive: On dominant hand (right by default) PRESS left or right quarter of the touchpad
    Attention! Input controls changed for HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets in the last update:
    – Fire mode change (auto, semi, safety): primary hand controller menu button short press
    – Attachment release: primary hand controller menu button press-and-hold
Gameplay improvements/changes/fixes:
  • Improved gun recoil on every gun (very rarely flies out of your hand, but if you wield an assault rifle one handed, it will be extremely inaccurate)
  • Improved gun handling, controller positions
  • Increased player health on higher difficulties, changed regeneration pattern
  • Enemy aim adjustments
  • New armory layout
  • Changed default weapon unlocks
  • ‘Forest’ map repeatable helicopter sequence bug fixed
  • Countless gameplay fixes throughout all levels
Multiplayer improvements and fixes:
  • Fixed crash at Hail level completion
  • Player weapon slot is now handled on client side
  • Stryker firing synced to client side
  • Wall explosion synced to client side
Graphical optimization and fixes:
  • Scope optimization: default scope has better performance, also you can set lower resolution, or lower quality scopes too in the Quality Settings – no more fps drops when using scopes!
  • Player hit effect optimized (previously it caused huge performance drops on weaker PCs)
  • Suburbs’ map significant performance and lighting improvements
  • Minor weapon effect visual improvements
  • More visible projectiles: enemies are shooting slightly more visible projectiles for more readable combat
  • Fixed player’s right wrist’s delayed motion to the controller’s real location
  • Multiplayer server list: people from different regions might not find each other’s servers
  • Occasionally there is no sound on Oculus
  • AI is constantly being improved
  • Graphics optimization
  • Crash on startup with Unreal Engine error: this might be caused by software conflict.
    If you have ASUS sound driver installed: exit from the asus sound driver or end the process with SS2UILauncher.exe. Try to disable the asus sonic sound at startup.
    Nahimic, MSI sound or similar audio apps might also cause a crash.
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