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Another day, another update! Snap- and smooth turn for HTC Vive and WMR is here! See detailed patchnotes below.
As always, thank you all for the continuous support!

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Player/Controls improvement

  • Snap turning and smooth turning is now available on HTC Vive and WMR headsets. Input controls changed for the HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets:
    – Fire mode change (auto, semi, safety): primary hand controller menu button short press
    – Attachment release: primary hand controller menu button press-and-hold
    – Turning: primary hand touchpad left and right
  • Controller haptics improved (based on distance and type)
  • Gun alignments fixed
Gameplay fixes
  • Sacr weapon unlock fix on the Comfort map
  • Stuck friendly AI fix on the Comfort map
  • Definitely no more killzones on the Comfort map in coop
  • Vive weapon grab improvement
  • AI movement improvements
  • Fixed some objectives and playzones on the Hail map
Graphical Fixes
  • Timber map has an improved lighting with more readable environment and gameplay relevant assets
  • Comfort map got a visually more appealing lighting scenario, similar to the one on the Menu Preview image
  • Hail map Improved Lighting, to make it more “war-like”
  • Lots of black splotch render fixes
  • Multiplayer server list: people from different regions might not find each other’s servers
  • Occasionally there is no sound on Oculus
  • AI is constantly being improved
  • Graphics optimization
  • Crash on startup with Unreal Engine error: this might be caused by software conflict.
    If you have ASUS sound driver installed: exit from the asus sound driver or end the process with SS2UILauncher.exe. Try to disable the asus sonic sound at startup.
    Nahimic, MSI sound or similar audio apps might also cause a crash.
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