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Hey guys! In the past few days we’ve been working hard on fixing issues that initially came up since the release. See detailed patchnotes below.
Known issues we’re working on are at the bottom.

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Gameplay fixes:

  • Misaligned hand position compared to real life controller position fixed for certain guns [WiP] – easier to use gunstocks
  • Less instant death on coop missions, improved player kill zones
  • Weapon unlock fixes on the maps (e.g. Python)
  • Hail mission computer download objective fixed
  • Improved AI – baddies are much tougher now
  • ‘Hail’ mission with better combat areas
  • Fixed the bugged walls in the lobby, you can’t walk through them anymore
  • In Co-op, players falling behind will get teleported to the actual checkpoint instead of dying
  • Minor dialogue adjustments
Multiplayer level selector fixes:
  • Previous/next arrows fixed
  • Locked pictures for the host fixed
  • Level type filter improved
  • Server list listing dummy servers when switching pages fixed
Sound fixes:
  • Last shot sound effect for the revolver/shotguns fixed
  • Improved explosion sounds
Graphical improvements:
  • Improved lighting, no darkness inside houses and warehouses
  • Outside lighting fine-tuned
  • Improved optimization for certain hardware configurations
The following issues are known and are currently being worked on:
  • Misaligned hand position compared to real life controller position
  • Multiplayer server list: people from different regions might not find each other’s servers
  • Snap turning for Vive controllers
  • Occasionally there is no sound on Oculus
  • AI is constantly being improved
  • Graphics optimization
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