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Now that Zero Caliber’s Early Access has started, you might be wondering… What’s next? First we issue fixes for the current maps; you might have noticed some graphical issues, random bugs.

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We have received tons of feedback from you. We want to make the game as good as it can be, so we’ll spend the next month mostly on these. We also have a lot of improvements in mind for current maps, check the patchnotes and play them if they get an update. In the meantime, level designers can work on…


10-20 minutes fights, compact area, best suited for Co-op and PVP. We want to have at least 6-8 of these by the time of full launch. When at least 3 of those are in the game…


the planned length of the campaign is 6 missions (as long as the current ones). One of these takes about 1-1.5 months to make so it will always be presented in a major patch. While the designers are busy with these, the coders can work on…


We’ll start testing around the end of Q1 2019. We have big plans, but we have to make playable maps (see above) first, balance the guns and the game itself. Also have to expand the frameworks, currently it’s in a very rudimentary state.


We had to delay it, but we’re working hard to bring Zero Caliber to the Oculus store as soon as possible.


Once our porting team finishes working on A-tech we’ll get to the colossal task of making this game available on PSVR.

Anything else? Yes, a lot! We’ve almost finished mountable turrets, heavy machine guns, they’ll be added in a few months, we have at least a dozen guns and attachments waiting to be integrated, shotguns will become pump action, and a lot more! (Night-time missions anyone?)

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