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We’ve spent the last two weeks reading reviews, Discord discussions and feedback from every corner of the internet – this update is the culmination of all that. Here’s everything that happened:
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Besides fixing a ton of minor issues, we added a lot of Quest 2 specific graphical improvements, overhauled the lighting and overall environment decor of the open maps in ‘Operation Woodpecker’, fine-tuned the AI even more to make the overall difficulty a bit harder, added volume control for sound effects/narration and improved the Loadout UI interface.
Version 1.0.264 changelog



  • Improved sun and sky effects on several maps
  • Complete lighting and ambience overhaul on all ‘Operation Woodpecker’ maps
  • Reworked trees and decor elements on all ‘Operation Woodpecker’ maps
  • Increased overall texture sizes (Quest 2 only) – more than 700MB worth of extra textures!
  • Improved explosion effects (Quest 2 only)
  • Ejected shells are now shiny (Quest 2 only)
  • Reworked bullet impact effects
  • Reworked explosion effects
  • Added a completely new UI interface for the ‘Loadout’ screen in the ‘Lobby’ area



  • Increased veteran difficulty
  • Added new, and improved existing AI/NPC animations
  • Improved combat scenarios on all maps
  • Improved AI behaviour on all maps
  • Improved the enemies’ cover usage – they’ll use more cover now
  • Interaction hints can now be fully switched off
  • Increased boss difficulty – enemy leaders are now more dangerous
  • Fixed a rare issue where enemies could spawn in plain sight
  • Fixed several cover colliders – less chance to hit invisible walls when shooting from cover
  • Subtitle improvements
  • Improved objective locations and descriptions
  • Improved grip handling
  • Improved climbing on a few hard-to-reach surfaces



  • Added volume control for sound effects and narration – you can find it in settings -> audio
  • Added wind- and other ambient sounds for open maps
  • Gameplay/combat music is more varied now
  • Added end-of-mission sound effect



  • Fixed a rare issue where attachments could be permanently stuck on the ‘try out rack’ in the shooting range
  • Several co-op interaction fixes
  • Countless minor co-op fixes
  • Fixed a rare issue where buttons/levers could stop functioning
  • Fixed various narration errors
  • Fixed several lighting errors on decor elements
  • Fixed several cases where decor elements could pop out of nowhere
  • Fixed several spots where players could get stuck
  • Fixed several UI errors
  • Fixed several weapon/magazine icons
  • Hand pose fixes
  • Fixed false ‘leaving combat zone’ warning on several maps
  • Fixed the Rem870 shotgun’s standard pump position
  • GE 36 sound fi



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See you in-game!
Dan & the whole XREAL Games Team
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