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We’ve been hearing a lot from the community that Zero Caliber needs a CQB map, so we made one!
Our new small mission, ‘Retaliation’ brings you intense Close Quarters Battles, and what is even better is that it’s a night map!

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Check out the detailed patchnotes below.


  • New level: Retaliation
  • Reworked music for lobby
  • Better VR experience: we removed the collision from most of the small objects, so your movement will be smoother – less likely to experience heavy motion sickness
  • Attachments on AI weapons: the AI is now using weapons equipped with various attachments. Check out the fallen AI’s weapons and take any attachment you want!
  • Minor fixes on various guns

XP, player rank and weapon-unlock system improvements – previously the player unlocked weapons at the end of levels, only once:

  • Players now get *XP* points for completing levels
  • Better accuracy, more kills and headshots, plus more co-op buddies mean more XP!
  • XP points get *Ranks* for players
  • With each rank, players unlock some weapons, special magazines or attachments
  • Fortunately, previously unlocked and/or bought weapons, magazines or attachments are kept, not lost with this update
  • What is more, previously skipped weapons get unlocked automatically if current player rank allows them
  • Known issue: unique weapon skins are not handled yet, will be added in a future update
  • Totally reworked enemy spawning (improved and more balanced)
  • The enemy uses attachments on weapons too
  • The friendly ai will use more weapons with better attachments
  • Various bugfixes on every level
  • Effect, texture model fixes
  • Optimization on multiple levels
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