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Our last story update’s [“Chapter 04: The Surface”] reception was absolutely amazing, we’re glad you guys liked it!
Brace yourselves, Chapter 05: The Sundering is coming! Click “Read more” for more info!

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Currently we’re working on the story’s next chapter. It picks up right from where Chapter 04 left off. Tough decisions are ahead, which may or may not make things worse for our main character. 😉
Here’s two, very work in progress screenshots, the environment will one up Chapter 04’s astonishing outside aesthetics!

New enemy, new weapons 

Our family of life threatening mutants will be expanded by a new foe. Sharpen your sight! Thanks to its cloaking mechanism, our new friend will be able to blend in its surroundings, surprising you when you least expect it!

To counter enemies more effectively, we’ll include a new, Uzi-type machine gun and a flamethrower. If it bleeds, you can kill it! Especially with your new toys.

New tutorial 

To make sure you don’t get lost in the maze of VR controls, we’ll also add a new, fun tutorial. Hopefully it will be as intuitive as possible and it will teach you everything you need to know in order to survive. It will also explain the story better.

We’ve also put together a new, action packed Story trailer for your eyes and ears to feast upon!

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